Taralli, Orecchiette, Olives, Frise, Ciceri e Tria, Primitivo and Negramaro. These are just some of the local food and wine products served here … prepare your palate for an explosion of taste.

A short walk away, following the music that will accompany you on this journey of taste, is the “SalentOsteria” restaurant, just 100 metres from the Oasi Salento, next to the Annex.

The restaurant – a 100 m2 covered area in 4 wooden pagodas – seats approximately 80 people, with additional tables with umbrellas outside. The simple wooden furniture and warm colours create a homely, country-style setting.

N.B. These are also available to take away.

Style in the Kitchen

Which dishes take pride of place at “SalentOsteria”?
Our first courses with traditional Apulian fresh pasta: orecchiette, maccheroncini, sagne with tomato sauce and basil, or fine breadcrumbs, strong ricotta cheese and so on.

Chef talks about traditional Salento cuisine::

Salento has a rich and varied food and wine heritage, based on peasant dishes that use locally grown produce, locally caught fish and wild plants that grow spontaneously.

The basic ingredients are often the same: extra-virgin olive oil, pulses, all kinds of vegetables, wheat, barley. These dishes are also ideal for vegetarians and vegans.

It’s interesting to note how Apulian cuisine is an analytical sensory experience. Unlike with other culinary traditions, the flavours are combined without one prevailing over the others: Yin and Yang. Each ingredient maintains its individuality and they are combined to exalt the flavours.

Experience the emotion of Salento’s culture and traditions, delight your taste on the notes of an unforgettable sensory adventure.

Restaurant Info

Lunch → 13:00–14:00
Dinner → 19:30–21:00

Books of 7 lunch or dinner vouchers can be purchased at a discounted price. Meals include:

  • 1 Starter
  • 1 Frist course
  • 1 Main course
  • 1 Serving of vegetables
  • Fruit

Drinks are included – water and a 1/4-litre carafe of local wine. Waiter service and choice of dishes from the menu of the day.

The restaurant is also open to non-residents.

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A la Carte Menu

First Courses

  • Minchiareddhi e Orecchiette al Pomodoro
    (typical Apulian maccheroni and orecchiette fresh pasta, served with tomato sauce and basil)
  • Ciceri e Tria
    (typical Salento dish made of partly fried twisted noodles mixed with chickpeas)
  • Twisted Noodles with Meat sauce
  • Spaghetti with Mussels
  • Thin noodles with Clams
  • Tiella
    (baked rice with courgettes, potatoes, mussels and tomato)

Main Courses

  • Pezzetti alla pignata
    (veal or horsemeat casserole with tomato sauce)
  • Assorted roast meats
    (pork, beef, lamb, horse)
  • Vegetarian Flat Breads
    (courgette, aubergine, potato, pepper)
  • Roast Cuttlefish
  • Polpo alla Pignata
    (octopus casserole)
  • Mixed fried fish
    (squid, cuttlefish, prawns, mussels)

Wine List

A wide selection of the best Negroamaro and Primitivo wines. The white and red Metiusco – from the Greek: “I get drunk…”, is an absolute must. Excellent Micro-brewery beers for connoisseurs.

Has that made your mouth water?

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