Safety doesn’t take time off! We adhere to all health rules and protocols without sacrificing our hospitality.

[Update January 2022]

For the summer of 2022, too, we will put in place all the procedures and precautions necessary to be able to welcome you safely. At various locations throughout the facility, stations with gel dispensers will be available, as well as information regarding proper hygiene practices.

On this page, I’ve summarized the answers to the questions so many of you are asking about what your vacation will be like.


If in doubt, your body temperature will be measured at check-in. We need to avoid crowded situations and, therefore, we will hand over the keys immediately.

Before your arrival, you will be sent a link to check in online in the comfort of your home and in safety as recommended by the new regulations.

Both guests and receptionists will use face masks when the 1m distance cannot be observed.

As of January 10, 2022, the reinforced “Super Green Pass” is required for access to accommodations, i.e., COVID-19 green certification issued exclusively following vaccination (primary cycle and booster dose) or after recovery.

It will then be necessary to show the reception staff a certificate to check the validity of the certificate held.


The tables will be placed at a distance greater than 1 meter from each other. We do not suffer from a lack of space, so we will try to ensure approximately 2 meters of distance between tables. We will have a digital menu and a laminated menu (or disposable for the daily menu) that will be sanitized after each use. The waiters will wear masks and will sanitize their hands before they serve you.

If possible, book your table in advance by calling 366.2814141.


The entertainers will organize activities that do not involve close contact. The activities will be organized with the planned distances in different areas of the village in order to guarantee fun and entertainment for everyone.

It will be possible to play soccer and volleyball and other individual games. The foosball table can only be used with masks and after having sanitized your hands. Table tennis games are allowed, always after hand disinfection. The children’s play area will be sanitized twice a day.

Room Cleaning

For room cleaning, 0.1% chlorine and 70% alcohol-based sanitizers will be used. These are the only products besides oxygen peroxide (hydrogen peroxide) recommended by the Italian Ministry of Health.

Bedding is sterilized during washing and is individually bagged. Bags will be used during exchange operations to avoid the risk of cross-contamination. Each set of cleaning cloths will be changed for each apartment.

Curtains, bedspreads and additional blankets will be sanitized with 120-degree steam and specific sanitizing products.

Swimming Pool

Regulations specify a maximum occupancy of 7 square meters/person. Our pool and sundeck are quite large, so there are no special limitations other than avoiding gatherings. Games involving short distances may not be played, and care should generally be taken with respect to interpersonal contact.

Up to 50 guests can be accommodated in the 450 sqm solarium, and up to 25 guests can swim in the 200 sqm pool. In general, crowding was lower in the other years as well.

The beds will be sanitized twice a day, placed at a distance of 1.5 meters except for those belonging to the same household.

Shuttle to the Beach

The frequency will be increased, and capacity will be decreased to meet the 1m distance between passengers. It will be necessary to use masks and sanitize hands; if people belong to the same household, there is no obligation for them to distance themselves from each other but only from the driver and other people.


Bicycles will be sanitized with 120-degree steam and specific disinfectants after each use, especially on the handlebars where hand contact occurs.


On the beaches, the positions of the parasols will be spaced at least 10 square meters apart, and the sunbeds must be spaced at least 1.5 meters apart as required by our regional protocols. The parasols will therefore be at a distance of about 3–3.5 meters from each other.

Interpersonal distance must be greater than 1 meter; otherwise, masks must be worn. Members of the same family unit are excluded from this rule.

The same rules apply to free (unserviced) beaches. Any behavior that does not comply with the prevention measures may be sanctioned.